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Easier Life Apps – App Rules

100 okunma — 26 Ekim 2020 07:12

We are trying hard to reply you prompt, but due to lot of emails that we are receiving every day. It is difficult to reply to everyone quickly, so please be patient and wait for the reply from us. It’s of no use complaining or threatening on Google Play Store. Send us an email if you have any problem. We will try our best to reply you faster than ever before.

– From the list of channels, only select the channel you like and then subscribe to it. Do not subscribe to channel if you don’t like it’s content, because if you subscribe and then change your mind to unsubscribe to it. Then it will be a violation of App rule, in such case, you will be blocked from using the App.

– From the list of Videos view list, select the video you like to watch. If you don’t like the video, click the next button to skip that particular video.

– On the campaign screen, If you like to gain more subscribers/views to your channel/videos from other users then you need to create a campaign. On that create campaign screen, enter the number of views/subscribers you want to your video/channel. The app will automatically calculate the coins which that particular campaign will cost you.

– This App is here on Google Play to help you to gain more subscribers/views to your channel/videos if we are not wrong. So do not subscribe to those channels that you don’t like because if you unsubscribe any channel, then in result you will be blocked and your account will be deleted without any prior notice and your channel will not be promoted then after.

– Please do not use offensive words, sexual content and nudity in the App because this platform is not developed for those purposes and which can lead to ban you from accessing the app.

For every Apps, their user’s reviews matter the most. We thrive to provide the best experience to our users. Help us with your feedback & suggestions if you like us to improve anything, Your suggestions will be gloriously appreciated and will be implemented as soon as possible.

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